A24 Locks Up Safdie Brothers & Jonah Hill Collaboration ‘Uncut Gems’ | Film News

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A24 Locks Up Safdie Brothers & Jonah Hill Collaboration ‘Uncut Gems’ | Film News


A24, everyone’s favourite studio right now thanks to their continued high quality output, has just added another potentially exciting film to their oeuvre. They’ve secured the worldwide rights to thriller Uncut Gems, with Jonah Hill set to star and the Safdie brothers (Heaven Knows What) to direct.


Also, while it’s not usually worthy listing who’ll be executive producing, Martin Scorsese will be leading that department. The screenplay has been penned by Ronald Bronstein.


Uncut Gems is set in “the venal, mile-a-minute world of the New York City Diamond District”. Hill will play Howard Ratner, another opportunity to branch out from his comedy persona, which to be fair has been pretty successful thus far with two Academy Award nominations.


A24 are currently at the Cannes Film Festival for the Safdie’s latest film, Good Time, a crime thriller which stars Robert Pattinson. If their earlier work is anything to go by, they’re a duo destined to continually make great films and A24 might have just secured another gem.



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