‘Amy’ Filmmakers Would Drop Everything To Make A David Bowie Documentary | Film News

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‘Amy’ Filmmakers Would Drop Everything To Make A David Bowie Documentary | Film News



Asif Kapadia and  James Gay-Rees, respectively the director and one of the producers of the biotopic Amy, have admitted that they would “kill” to make a documentary about David Bowie.


Indeed, Gay-Rees recently told The Hollywood Reporter that, although he is now busy with the production of a six-hour project, he would drop everything to make a documentary about the British singer.


We would kill to make that film. We would do anything to make that film,” the producer said. “If his estate is listening, please give us a call…but it’s far too soon. But if there was ever a conversation to be had around it.”


Nonetheless, he also stressed the difficulty of such a project, stating that a one-off documentary would not be enough to show all the great material available on Bowie.


In the meantime, both Kapadia and Gay-Rees are enjoying the success of their latest movie Amy, which has become the highest grossing British documentary in the UK and has recently been nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary category.



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