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Angel Olsen Announces New Album | Music News

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Burn Your Fire for No Witness hit 2014 like a thunder, with its excellent blend of lo-fi and country music. Today 29-years singer Angel Olsen announced a follow-up to her debut masterpiece, My Woman.

Speaking about the album, Olsen stated that her new project deals with “the complicated mess of being a woman. … I’m definitely using scenes that I’ve replayed in my head, in the same way that I might write a script and manipulate a memory to get it to fit. But I think it’s important that people can interpret things the way that they want to”.


My Woman will be released on September 2 via Jagjaguwar and will be accompanied by a vinyl special edition called Others’ Blues, featuring covers of Bruce Springsteen, Roky Erickson, and many more.





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