Angelina Jolie Pitt To Produce ‘The Breadwinner’ | Film News

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Angelina Jolie Pitt To Produce ‘The Breadwinner’ | Film News


Never one to shy away from a real and difficult story to tell, Angelina Jolie Pitt is set to executive produce an animated feature adapting the novel The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. The film is set to be directed by Nora Towmey.


The novel is based around the life of Parvana, a young girl who lives with her family in Kabul, Afghanistan. Unfortunate events cause her father to be arrested by Taliban soldiers due to him not receiving an Afghan education. She is forced to pretend to be a boy in order to support her family and prevent them from starving. The Breadwinner is set to be release on December 2017.



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