Annette Bening Cast In ‘Katrina: American Crime Story’ | TV News

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Annette Bening Cast In ‘Katrina: American Crime Story’ | TV News


Following the huge success of The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, FX’s anthology series is moving forward onto their next subject: Hurricane Katrina. To deal with such a heavy issue, FX is turning to the best.


Four time Oscar nominee, Annette Bening, has been cast in the second season of the anthology, and will reportedly play Louisiana Governor, Kathleen Blanco. Bening (American Beauty, 20th Century Women, The Kids Are All Right) has long been a hugely respected actress that never quite got the mainstream attention she deserved, so hopefully this is the role to plunge her into the limelight.


How the second season will operate is unclear, as it will naturally be a mile away from the courtoom drama of the first season.


The beauty of the anthology is the ability to create fresh stories not beholden to previous seasons, but it will be interesting to see if producers Ryan Murphy, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson can capture the same magic of the first season, or the same popularity of their sister show, American Horror Story.


Expect them to go all out with the next batch of casting in order to make that possible.



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