Another One Bites The ‘Doctor Who’ Dust | TV News

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Another One Bites The ‘Doctor Who’ Dust | TV News


The twelfth doctor is saying his goodbyes. Scottish actor, Peter Capaldi, who has played the titular character for three series’, including the one due to premiere on Saturday, April 15, has told BBC Radio 2 that the upcoming series will be his last.


“This will be the end for me… I feel it’s sort of time for me to move on to different challenges”.


Capaldi’s exit comes after executive producer of the series, Steven Moffat, announced his departure from the long running sci-fi drama. Chris Chibnall is set to succeed Moffat, so we can expect the revelation of another doctor before the end of the year.


The news is in keeping with the long time tradition of recasting the Doctor, who seems to change more times than I change my socks. But it’s always exciting to see a new face. And each talented actor who has played him has left us with a memorable and unique portrayal.


This series will be the show’s tenth modern series, and the long term drama’s 36th overall. It is truly incredible to see a show run for that long, which is a testament to the cast and crew behind it.


Joining Capaldi in his final series are new travelling companion, Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas‘ Nardole.


The new series will hit screens on Saturday, April 15. Until then, take a look at the new companion Bill Potts, and start pondering about who you would like to see as the Thirteenth Doctor.




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