Are Vending Machines The Future Of Fashion? | Fashion News

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Are Vending Machines The Future Of Fashion? | Fashion News


Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear clothing line. They’ve been designing clothes for their customers since November 2005 and have since grown bigger and more recognisable within the previous years. The latest idea from the brand is being able to purchase their clothes through vending machines which will be soon situated around America.





Soon, you’ll be able to buy long-sleeve tees and lightweight simplistic jackets with the press of a button. The items will then come through packing that appears similar to that of food packaging. Making it vending machine style. The creative idea will be placed among shopping malls and airports, granting easy access to purchasing the desired product. The machines are touch screen, due to fitting into the modern age of society, and allow easy and convenient ways for customers to get the clothes.




Is this the future for fashion brands? Will vending machines soon be stocked with skinny jeans and bardot tops rather than bottles of sprite and packets of crisps? If the idea works wonders for Uniqlo then they may start appearing more frequently.



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