Are We Nearing A New Release From Childish Gambino? | Music News

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Are We Nearing A New Release From Childish Gambino? | Music News



Without doubt, Childish Gambino has had a busy year. Aside from being cast as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie, the first series of his hit-show, Atlanta, concluded last week, earning not only favourable reviews, but also a second series on FX.


All this appears to be culminating in a new music release from the multi-talented Mr Glover. Something which is perennially fascinating is the ability of the internet community to rarely miss out on even the smallest of signs. One Twitter user saw on the chalkboard at their local F.Y.E. that on the “upcoming releases” board Gambino’s name was present next to the album title, Awaken, My Love. The release date was scheduled to be Friday, December 2.



Other users soon spotted that the album was available for pre-order on Amazon Canada, UK, and Germany. Whilst only the last of those sites still has a functioning link, it seems strange that this oversight would be based on absolutely nothing.


Incidents like this raise the question of how much the internet community can influence artists in their decision-making process, perhaps the Gambino camp were testing the waters to check public perception, or maybe an intern hit the wrong button. If it turns out to be a series of errors, then this serves as an interesting demonstration of how the music community is so hungry for information that they are ready to seize absolutely anything they can find. I’d rather believe that there was a new album on the way, however.


As for the content of the album, this is something there is very little information on, thanks in part to Mr. Glover’s tendency to remain quiet on social media. Either way, there isn’t long to wait to find out. Roll on December 2.



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