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Conversations About Her

Sea Offs – Unfound | Music Video

  “Unfound” is the latest single from dream/post-folk band Sea Offs. Made up of songwriters Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora, the duo met at Penn State University and are releasing their debut album What’s The Point on March 31. The new album comes on the back of their 2016 EP Sea The Blind and its critically acclaimed single “Leave” which[…]

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Heffron Drive – Fingers Crossed | New Music

  Formed in 2008 by lead singer Kendall Schmidt and guitarist Dustin Belt, Heffron Drive is an LA-based alt-pop band hailing from Kansas, and “Fingers Crossed” is the band’s third single from their new EP Slow Motion which was released last month. The new EP comes on the back of their 2015 debut album Happy Mistakes and its acoustic follow-up[…]

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JeL – Crazy Enough | New Music

  “Crazy Enough” is the new single from mysterious duo JeL, taken from their forthcoming compilation album The Cold War Chronicles, to be released via Art:Ery. Not much is known about the duo apart from that one of them is from Russia and the other is from America – make of that what you will. Their previous single “Six Feet[…]

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Shaefri – Rabbit Hole | Music Video

  There is just something about the chorus on this song titled “Rabbit Hole” by London-based electronic pop artist Shaefri. The rest of the record could be extremely poor and I would still love it, that’s how much the chorus grabs and holds my attention. Thankfully, Shaefri has another thing going for her on this record, her voice is equally[…]

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Angela Sclafani – Write Me Down | New Music

  New York-based singer and songwriter Angela Sclafani recently debuted her brand new single “Write Me Down” on Valentine’s Day, on the back of a live show at Rockwood Music Hall. Now available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud, the single is a superb piano ballad backed by lush string arrangements, over which Sclafani sings beautifully and intimately about the[…]

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