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Conversations About Her

Transviolet – Undo | New Music

  Following their first headlining tour, Transviolet, made of singer-songwriter Sarah McTaggart, Jon Garcia, guitarist Judah McCarthy and multi-instrumentalist Mike Panek, has just dropped their new single “Undo“, taken from their new EP Valley, out on September 21.   The track is an electro-pop powerful anthem about defining the odds and making it with your own strength. Steaming from McTaggart’s[…]

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Billie Eilish – You Should See Me In A Crown | New Music

  With a title like that, Billie Eilish is not afraid to make a statement. The young sensation has treated fans with a new single “You Should See Me In A Crown“, that will tentatively be off her upcoming debut album.   After a psychedelic year that just gotten better an better ever since she was discovered on SoundCloud, Eilish[…]

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Zayn – Sour Diesel | New Music

  After having blessed us with a different hair color every other day, Zayn this time is ready to delight us with some new music. And, truth be told, the guy does certainly deliver.   Despite his quirky and nonchalant attitude, the impression you got with Zayn is that he is in total control of his new music and the[…]

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The Lemon Twigs – Small Victories | New Music

  In an ocean of electro-pop, synthetic and robotic versions of mesmerizing voices, The Lemon Twigs come off strong with their 80s’ vibes, rounded by a clear-cut sound, choral vocals and long hair.   After a solid debut album, the D’Addario siblings are ready to drop a second one, called Go To School, on August 24 and for the occasion[…]

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Trump – Putin Helsinki Summit Had Some Really Concerning Moments | Politics

  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump‘s summit in Helsinki has left many, if not everybody, speechless. The meeting, made of briefings, interviews and conventions between the two Presidents, touched many pending issues. The climate change problem (that according to Trump is just a scam), the ongoing Syrian crisis and the delicate situation in Crimea, where Putin still holds a tight[…]

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