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Conversations About Her

See The Next Level Of Man’s Best Friend In ‘AXL’ | Film Trailer

  If you want a film to succeed, just put a dog in it. Man’s best friend is loved by everyone and will always warm the hearts of your audience. Will be the same for this one? After all, this film isn’t about a normal dog but a highly advanced military robot. Seems like a nice twist to the normal[…]

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‘Gotham’ Creators Are Working On A ‘Pennyworth’ Prequel Series | TV News

  Listen up, Gotham fans! After FOX recently announced that next year’s fifth season of Gotham will also be its last, it seemed like the right time to say goodbye. But the team behind the DC TV series seems to not want to do that. It’s now been reported that showrunner Bruno Heller has landed a 10 episode straight to[…]

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‘Set It Up’ Promises Love And Laughs | Film Trailer

  Sometimes all you need after a miserable day is a romantic comedy to cheer you up and make you feel good again. Who doesn’t feel good after seeing love on the screen? Netflix is once again here to serve our needs. At least the just uploaded trailer for their upcoming film Set It Up seems just like the rom-com[…]

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Dogs Are Everything In ‘Dog Days’ | Film Trailer

  Okay, we don’t want to open the discussion if dogs or cats are better, everyone has their own opinion on that. But in the upcoming film Dog Days, all the people are going crazy over dogs. After all, there is a saying: “A Dog is a man’s best friend”. This is definitely what they are going for in this[…]

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Lucy Hale’s ‘Life Sentence’ Gets Cancelled After Season 1 | TV News

  About a month ago, The CW announced which TV series will be renewed for new seasons in their 2018/19 schedule. There were just a few without any comment on them. Now we know that Life Sentence, the new series with Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, was canceled by the network after just one season. She even confirmed it[…]

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