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‘Charmed’ Reboot Finally Has Its Last Sister | TV News

  The Charmed reboot now has the actresses for the three Pruitt sisters. After The CW released that Sarah Jeffrey will play Madison and Melonie Diaz Mel, they now gave us the third and last sister. Madeleine Mantock known for her role Veil in Into The Badlands will portray Macy Pruitt.   Macy is the oldest sister and described as[…]

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First Trailer For The Last Season Of ‘House of Cards’ Released | TV Trailer

  Netflix just released the first trailer for the sixth and last season of House of Cards. After the incidences regarding Kevin Spacey, it wasn’t sure what would happen with the series. But Netflix knew that they couldn’t just cut off such a huge fan magnet. So they will give the fans one last season without Kevin Spacey iconic figure,[…]

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