Jessica Maglione – Conversations About Her

Conversations About Her

New RNBW Sneakers By Giuseppe Zanotti Are Now Available | Fashion News

  Giuseppe Zanotti is coming back with new sneakers. RNBW is the new shoe line that you will see soon in boutiques.     Giuseppe Zanotti, the three-time ‘Designer of the Year’ winner, is actually working as a freelance and managing his various shops around the world (New York, Milan, London, Dubai etc). His latest collection consists of a new[…]

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What We Know About ‘The Shining’ Sequel So Far | Film News

  Doctor Sleep is The Shining sequel we are all waiting for! While it is set for release in theatres in 2020, we have some news for you already. Doctor Sleep is going to be produced with an adaptation made by Mike Flanagan who has already directed The Gerald’s Game which is a Stephen King book too.   We also[…]

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Will Turn Your View About Asian Movies Upside Down | Film Trailer

  Crazy Rich Asians is going to blow your mind! It’s an independent movie bought by a major to give Asian movies a chance to be different. The movie is about an economics professor, Rachel, at NYU who falls in love with Nick Young. The two went to his hometown in Singapore and she had the chance to meet one[…]

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Research Suggests Going To Gigs May Extend Your Life | Music News

  Are you planning to buy tickets to a gig anytime soon? You might just be helping yourself in get your life extend!   A recent study by Patrick Fagan from Goldsmith University of London done in collaboration with the major mobile network O2, has concluded that going to gigs can improve your life. The experiment consisted of “psychometric testing and[…]

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Jessica Lange Is Back On The New Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ | TV News

  Jessica Lange, the stunning American actress, is coming back to the acclaimed TV series American Horror Story after a two-year break.   American Horror Story is ready to air its eight season on September 12, called ‘Apocalypse‘. This season will be a crossover between the first season (‘Murder House’) and the third season (‘Coven’). Hints about this crossover where[…]

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