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Norway And Italy Rule The Eighth Day Of The Venezia Film Festival | Film News

  Norway and Italy have provided us with two of the favourites to win at this year’s Venezia Film Festival. Norway has brought a tragic story about a terroristic event happened in Utoya. 22 July is a Netflix production and it is expected to be a huge success not only because of the subject but for the work of the[…]

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The Venezia Film Festival Goes Politics In Its Second Week | Film News

  The Venezia Film Festival welcomed us to its final week of the season with some controversial events.   During the red carpet for Suspiria, director Luciano Silighini Garagnani and actor Paolo Riva invaded the red carpet to show their t-shirts with a shocking message: “Weinstein is innocent.” Garagnani is known in Italy and in the States to have supported[…]

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What You Missed From The First Weekend At Venezia Film Festival | Film News

  Lady Gaga has finally arrived in Venice to present her first movie ever A Star Is Born directed by Bradley Cooper.   This latest version of A Star Is Born serves as the third remake from the original movie. Bradley Cooper chose this script to debut as a director. Lady Gaga stars as the protagonist Ally who has been[…]

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Venezia Film Festival Day 2: What You Have To Know | Film News

  Here is your daily news update about the 75th Venezia Film Festival:   On the second day of the festival, the jury had the chance to assist to three awaited movies of the season: The Mountain, The Favourite and Roma.   The Mountain is a film directed by Rich Alverson and inspired by neurologist Walter Freeman‘s story. The script[…]

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What You Missed From The First Day At Venezia Film Festival | Film News

  The Venezia Film Festival is here once again to give a spotlight to the upcoming movies that we all are going to love. The first day has been a rollercoaster of emotions. In fact, the festival has welcomed Ryan Gosling, Naomi Watts and Vanessa Redgrave so far.   This festival is one of the oldest of its kind in[…]

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