Martina Di Gregorio – Conversations About Her

Conversations About Her

Vérité – Phase Me Out | New Music

  The New York based singer, Vérité, has teased us once again with the release of the new single, “Phase Me Out”. Fans are still waiting for her debut album, which has been put off with releases of EPs (three in the last three years) and singles such as “Somebody Else” and “Underdressed”.   “Phase Me Out” hopefully comes as[…]

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Laura Marling – Wild Fire | New Music

  The English singer songwriter, Laura Marling, is back with a new single from upcoming album, “Wild Fire”. “Wild Fire” is part of Semper Femina, her LP which will come out on Friday, March 10.   The folk singer’s new single is the perfect relaxing song about finding yourself, and the song starts only with her light vocals and an acoustic guitar[…]

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FKA Twigs – Trust In Me | New Music

  The magic of FKA Twigs is out in the world again, this time through a Nike two-minute clip where the amazing singer has shared her new song, “Trust In Me”.   FKA Twigs is the new Creative Director for NikeWomen’s new Spring Zonal Strength Tights campaign, and as such she has directed, casted and chose the music for the clip called[…]

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Spoon Reveal Release Of A New Album | Music News

  The band, Spoon, has just announced the release of a new album in March 2017 during an interview for SiriusXM Volume’s “Debatable“, where the band was hosted and talked about their plans for the future.   The American rock band has revealed the name of the album, which will be entitled Hot Thoughts but there wasn’t a precise date given[…]

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Japandroids – No Known Drink Or Drug | New Music

  The Canadian duo, Japandroids, has just released a new single, “No Known Drink Or Drug”, from their upcoming album, Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, which comes out on Monday, January 23.   The new single by the indie rock duo is heavy with riffs, heavy drums that together create one of the best rock songs to listen[…]

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