Paola Pedrotti – Conversations About Her

Conversations About Her

Italian Bridge Collapse In Genova: Who Is Responsible? | Politics

  A huge chasm and rubble is what remains of the Ponte Morandi after its collapse on Tuesday. The central section is completely destroyed and Italian Protezione Civile has announced it will be completely demolished.   Two days after the tragedy, the question is whether it could have been avoided but now the Italian government is blaming the bridge operators[…]

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Stormzy Starts Scholarship To Help Support Black Students At Cambridge | Music News

  Stormzy is more than just a rapper, singer and music artist. He has shown in many occasions his political inclinations, his efforts in social struggles and has always fought for what he believes in, understanding how his position as celebrity can help.   This time he has come out with the public official announcement of the launch of a[…]

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Liu Yifei Will Interpret Mulan In New Disney Movie | Film News

  The Mulan animated movie is turning 20 this year and what a better way to celebrate it at Disney than with the announcement of an upcoming movie version?   A real Mulan film has begun production, and the protagonist has been selected. The role of the bold heroine has given to Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei.   The first pictures[…]

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Cat Power + Lana Del Rey – Woman | Music Video

  Ahead of the release of her tenth album, American multi-talented artist Cat Power has revealed its first track, titled “Woman“, that is also a collaboration with the amazing indie singer Lana Del Rey.   “Woman” is a female hymn, where Lana’s voice features as the intense chorus and Cat sings as the protagonist; the accompanying clip is a rooftop[…]

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