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Conversations About Her

Exceptional Blue-Carpet For ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ Premiere | Film News

  The wait is almost over and after ten long years Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is about to hit the big screen. Book your seat for this Friday, grab your popcorn and be transported into the crazy Greek universe!   The cast is once again full of stars and many of them attended the original blue carpet of[…]

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Kim Viera + Daddy Yankee – Como | Music Video

  This video will let you feel the classic summertime blues and long for the West Indies; the music will make you want to dance, with the vibe growing and growing until you can’t get the melody out of your mind!   This fresh and already successful collaboration – almost 5 billions views on VEVO after less than three days-[…]

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Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman | New Music

  After all the rumors about the end of the almost 2 year relationship with rapper Mac Miller, then the rebound and then definitely fast engagement to American actor Pete Davidson (less than two months later), Ariana Grande probably now wants to show her talent in music again and has true reasons: she has come back with a new single,[…]

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Mac Miller – Self Care | Music Video

  It really seems like they are sending messages to each other through their mutual passion, music, or it might be just a big coincidence. Only a few hours apart, ex-partners Ariana Grande and Mac Miller both dropped new singles, and we could even wonder about a secret message between their two titles.   “God Is A Woman” is the[…]

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Anticipation Is Rising For ‘Mary Queen Of Scots’ | Film Trailer

  We only now have five more months left of waiting till we can watch the movie. Or six in the UK to be precise, as it will hit cinemas here in January. Mary Queen of Scots is probably one of the successes of this year, the new version of the epic historical drama about the life of the once[…]

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