Shanade McConney – Conversations About Her
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Conversations About Her

Pond – Paint Me Silver | Music Video

  The aliens have landed and they come to party!   Pond‘s new video for “Paint Me Silver” features a bunch of CGI aliens calmly dancing to the backdrop of the track’s dreamy melody. It’s, in a word, wonderful.   It starts off with one silver figure dancing alone, soon joined by several aliens who are watching through their window.[…]

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Murdoc And 2D Of Gorillaz Get Interviewed By MistaJam | Music News

  In what was the animated bands’ first live interview, Murdoc and 2D were invited to join MistaJam for Telekom Electronic Beats yesterday (April 20). It was streamed via YouTube and fans were also encouraged to submit their own questions.   It’s amazing to see the guys come to life like this, and it’s easy to forget that MistaJam is[…]

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Lady Gaga And Prince William Discuss Mental Health Issues Together | Music News

  To say that Lady Gaga is an inspiration would be an understatement.   More than once Gaga has spoken up about taboo but important issues, whether it’s through music or otherwise, and let’s not forget the Born This Way Foundation which aims to “provide young people with kinder communities, improved mental health resources, and more positive environments”.   In[…]

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Gorillaz Announce U.S. Humanz Tour | Music News

  The Demon Dayz festival announcement was just the beginning of 2017 live shows for Gorillaz, who keep dishing out gifts like belated Christmas presents. So, yes, for the first time in seven years according to Rolling Stone, Gorillaz are playing North America. With upcoming album Humanz so close you can almost feel that rib cage hum, a tour is[…]

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Molly Drag – Glass | New Music

  It’s 10pm and, trying to motivate myself to write, I find something that did yet also maintained the melancholic feeling that I was trying to rid. And I’m grateful, because it’s beautiful.   With a sad, enchanting melody that’s reminiscent of The Pixies‘ “Where Is My Mind” and Coldplay‘s “Fix You”, this song fills the space in my bedroom[…]

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