Shanade McConney – Conversations About Her

Conversations About Her

Miley Cyrus – Malibu | Music Video

  You can feel the romance radiate from Miley Cyrus‘ new single and music video like the heat in the sand at the peak of summer. Cyrus seems to have ditched the rebellious party-hard twerking Miley and replaced it with a more organic and innocent sort of Miley (note that Cyrus wears white in every single shot too; classic symbolism[…]

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Jamie Hewlett Reveals Details On Gorillaz TV Show | Music News

  It’s no surprise that virtual band Gorillaz would evolve towards something like a TV show or movie eventually. The characters have already been used to tell different stories through their music videos; the ones which accompany tracks from Plastic Beach form part of a music bigger story, like a short movie (watch a couple of them here and here).[…]

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Beyoncé Is Offering Scholarships To Young Women Applying For College | Music News

  Rewarding creativity, inspiring the thirst for knowledge, and paving the way for young women who may be struggling to pay for their education. These are all things that the introduction of Beyoncé‘s Formation Scholars are offering to four lucky students.   According to Beyoncé’s website, this scholarship aims to “encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside[…]

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Pond – Paint Me Silver | Music Video

  The aliens have landed and they come to party!   Pond‘s new video for “Paint Me Silver” features a bunch of CGI aliens calmly dancing to the backdrop of the track’s dreamy melody. It’s, in a word, wonderful.   It starts off with one silver figure dancing alone, soon joined by several aliens who are watching through their window.[…]

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Murdoc And 2D Of Gorillaz Get Interviewed By MistaJam | Music News

  In what was the animated bands’ first live interview, Murdoc and 2D were invited to join MistaJam for Telekom Electronic Beats yesterday (April 20). It was streamed via YouTube and fans were also encouraged to submit their own questions.   It’s amazing to see the guys come to life like this, and it’s easy to forget that MistaJam is[…]

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