Taylor Gladwin – Conversations About Her
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Conversations About Her

Shane Black Has Revealed That ‘The Predator’ Will Not Rely On CGI | Film News

  Yesterday evening (April 23), Shane Black piqued the interest of cinema lovers that aren’t drawn to over-CGI’d blockbusters by saying he’ll be leaning on practical effects as much as he can. Specifically, he sent out this tweet:   I am standing on set next to a 7-foot tall gentleman in a Predator suit — so no, it is not[…]

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Nancy Cartwright’s ‘In Search Of Fellini’ Set For Autumn Release | Film News

  When you’ve been working on the same TV show for 30 years, it’s understandable that at some point, you’d want to branch out. That’s exactly what the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, is doing.   Cartwright wrote a film, In Search Of Fellini, based around her early career experience attempting to ‘find herself’ in Italy before establishing herself[…]

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Clint Eastwood To Direct True Story About Foiled ISIS Attack | Film News

  Clint Eastwood and obsessively patriotic American stories just can’t keep their hands off each other. After diving head first into American Sniper and Sully, the director has settled on his next project: The 15:17 To Paris.   The film is based on the true story of three American friends who took down an ISIS terrorist on a train from[…]

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‘The X-Files’ Will Return For 10 More Episodes | TV News

  Didn’t like the sour taste the latest ‘event’ series of The X-Files left in your mouth? Well your palate is about to be cleansed. Fox has ordered a second instalment of the revival series. A new ten episode series will bring back David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully respectively, with series creator Chris Carter[…]

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Five Different Studios Pursuing James Bond Franchise | Film News

  Sony has been the home of 007 for the best part of a decade, but following the release of Spectre, their agreement with MGM and EON Productions expired. Thus, Sony and another four studios are heading toward a bidding war for the world’s most popular spy.   Sony, Warner Bros., Universal, 20th Century Fox and Annapurna Pictures are all[…]

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