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‘IT’ Producer Made New Head Of DC Films By Warner Bros. | Film News

  Aside from Wonder Woman, the DC Extended Universe has faced a fair share of problems in its relatively brief existence, and now after the very underwhelming release of Justice League, Warner Bros. has decided to make some changes.   Having previously set DC Comics CEO Geoff Johns and executive Jon Berg to oversee the division in the wake of[…]

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Stephen Dorff Joins ‘True Detective’ Season Three In Co-Lead Role | TV News

  Despite the disappointment of season two of True Detective, which led to fans wondering if HBO would even commission a third season, the show has been a ratings darling so a third season was always likely. The cast for that third season has been coming together very well, leading fans to hope for something closer to the critically acclaimed[…]

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Netflix Moving Ahead With ‘Bright’ Sequel | Film News

  It seems that Netflix’s desperate attempt to hang with the major players in Hollywood means that Bright, their biggest film to date starring Will Smith and Joel Edgarton, was going to be a franchise starter no matter what. Despite the film receiving scathing reviews, the streaming service has confirmed that the two stars, plus director David Ayer, are expected[…]

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‘Molly’s Game’ – Engaging & Exciting Directorial Debut From Aaron Sorkin | Film Review

  It’s apt that arguably the true story most suited to Aaron Sorkin‘s writing style becomes the film that he also makes his directorial debut with. Molly’s Game adapts the real life story of ‘Poker Princess’ Molly Bloom, who put together high stakes poker games for the richest of the rich and some of the most famous people you could[…]

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Third ‘Cloverfield’ Film Now Opening In April | Film News

  The new batch of Cloverfield films have been clouded in mystery ever since 10 Cloverfield Lane was morphed from an unrelated, one-off story into a franchise reboot. The latest addition to the franchise, which was previously titled God Particle, has hit a snag though. Previously thought to be getting an early February release, the film has now been pushed[…]

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