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Conversations About Her

‘Call Of Duty’ Cinematic Universe In The Works? | Film News

  Seems like everyone wants on the cinematic universe train, even if they aren’t actually cinema. Activision Blizzard Studios, which somehow doesn’t quite sound real, are forging ahead with the idea that they can adapt their popular Call Of Duty video game series into not just a franchise, but a universe.   Co-President, Stacey Sher, said: “We have plotted out[…]

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Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg To Adapt ‘Invincible’ | Film News

  Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg‘s writing abilities are no longer limited to comedy. Having already adapted, written and co-directed the pilot to Preacher, whose second season is just around the corner, the duo are now turning their eyes (or pens) to another adaptation: Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman‘s comic book, Invincible.   The duo will write, produce and direct[…]

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Pablo Larraín To Direct Tom Hardy In ‘The True American’ | Film News

  Jackie was an eerie, melancholic, introspective masterpiece last year that still remains pretty undervalued. One person that isn’t is the films’ director, Pablo Larraín, who only continues to move up in the world. He’s set to helm The True American, which is planned to star Tom Hardy.   The project is based off the non-fiction book of the same name[…]

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Sam Mendes In Talks To Direct Graphic Novel Adaptation | Film News

  Sam Mendes expanded his repertoire with two films in the 007 franchise, but with that now behind him, he’s looking for a new project. The world of graphic novels might have something that piques his interest.   The director is in talks to adapt Emil Harris‘ acclaimed graphic novel, My Favourite Thing Is Monsters, for the big screen. The[…]

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‘Shrek 5’ Is In The Works | Film News

  Amid a cultural resurgence thanks to the internet’s love of surreal, absurdist, and of course disturbing humour, a fifth Shrek film is on its way. Well okay, it’s unlikely another sequel is in the works solely due to a weird internet fandom, but hey, we can dream.   Michael McMullers, screenwriter of the new film, The Boss Baby, discussed[…]

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