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Conversations About Her

Blumhouse Teaming With Amazon For 8 Feature-Length Thrillers | Film News

  Blumhouse has already found success this year by teaming with other networks and streaming services, with Hulu’s The Purge series and HBO’s Sharp Objects notable successes, so it’s no surprise to hear that they’re doing another collaboration, this time with Amazon.   Specifically, Blumhouse Television has inked a deal with Amazon Studios to produce eight new thriller movies which[…]

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‘Suspiria’ – Tonally Confused But Impressively Crafted | Film Review

  If Suspiria is the latest entry into this newfangled mini-genre known as “art-horror” or sometimes “elevated horror”, then we have a long road ahead of us. Not because this film is bad, but because watching this, it’s easy to already feel the tiredness creeping in towards this new mini-genre.   Of course, this is just a fancy way of[…]

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‘Widows’ – A Dark Tapestry Of Corruption | Film Review

  Director Steve McQueen crafts another film from the plight of characters having to fight against a system that has wronged them; this one forged out of a combination of corruption, power, oppression, and love.   Set in Chicago during a fierce battle for Alderman of the South Side project, this isn’t your Ocean’s Eleven-type heist film. The heist itself[…]

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Hulu Developing Multiple Shows Based On George R.R. Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’ Anthology | TV News

  With the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones coming up, networks are trying to tap into that massive fanbase any way they can. HBO is developing prequels and spin-offs, Amazon is developing a similarly huge Lord Of The Rings franchise in an attempt to attract a similar audience, and now Hulu is getting in on the act[…]

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Sam Worthington To Star In Netflix Thriller By Brad Anderson | Film News

  Sam Worthington has signed on to star in a currently untitled thriller for Netflix that will hail from The Machinist director Brad Anderson. The film was formerly known as Fracture, and the script has been written by Alan B. McElroy (Wrong Turn).   Worthington will play a family man whose wife and daughter disappear in the middle of an[…]

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