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Conversations About Her

Restricted Trailer For ‘Atomic Blonde’ Arrives | Film Trailer

  John Wick and its recent sequel might have caused a mini-revival in films described as ‘bad-ass action films with a neon aesthetic’. How about a female version?   That might be a slightly reductive description, though, because as the brand new trailer for Atomic Blonde below reveals, this has the potential to be its own entity. Though considering it’s[…]

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‘Avatar’ Sequel Not Coming In 2018 | Film News

  We won’t be returning to Pandora anytime soon. Despite closing in on nearly a decade since Avatar was released and briefly reignited hope that 3D movies were something people cared about (hint: it wasn’t), director James Cameron has revealed what we probably already knew: an Avatar sequel isn’t arriving in 2018.   Cameron mentioned that while fans will no[…]

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First Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Small Crimes’ | Film Trailer

  After his surprising success with his directorial debut, Cheap Thrills, in 2014, E.L. Katz has returned with what looks to be another bout of unyielding violence sprinkled with a little humour in Small Crimes.   The synopsis states: After serving time for the attempted murder of a District Attorney, disgraced former cop, Joe Denton, returns home looking for redemption.[…]

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Hugh Jackman & Noomi Rapace To Star In Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’ | Film News

  Michael Mann is one of our greatest living auteurs, so any news regarding his upcoming project is always going to be enticing. It’s especially enticing when two great actors sign on.   Ferrari, Mann’s next film set to explore the life of Enzo Ferrari, has acquired Hugh Jackman and Noomi Rapace to star in the film as Enzo and[…]

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Things Go Awry In Trailer For ‘Rough Night’ | Film Trailer

  Even Black Widow wants to let her hair down and party once in a while. The redband trailer for Rough Night, starring Scarlett Johansson, has arrived and is definitely filled to the brim with raunchy bachelorette party shenanigans, expletive-laden dialogue and the small matter of a dead stripper.   The film seems to naturally take influence from Bridesmaids, but[…]

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