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Conversations About Her

The Case Of Henry Bolton And His Racist Ex-Girlfriend | Politics

  The British UKIP leader Henry Bolton has been pretty much left annihilated and out of business after his ex-girlfriend and topless model, Jo Marney, made quite some disregarding, racist and disgusting comments about Meghan Markle. Despite the constant pressure for him to resign, he simply ignores them.   People say many things that they can later on regret, and[…]

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Cranberries Singer’s Death ‘Not Suspicious’ | Music News

  The death of The Cranberries idyllic lead singer Dolores O’Riordan is “not being treated as suspicious” says a spokeswoman for Scotland Yard today. The Irish-born singer was staying in London at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane and was due to record a cover of the hit “Zombie” with rock group Bad Wolves. The singer was only 46 and[…]

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Lily Allen Teases At Video Shoot For ‘Trigger Bang’ | Music News

  Once heralded as the ‘Queen of Brit-Pop‘, Lily Allen is due to make a major comeback. She recently released a new single “Trigger Bang” which just shows what kind of noise Lily wants to make upon her return.   But in an very recent Instagram post, Allen is pictured with her “Trigger Bang” collaborator Giggs with a simple caption featuring a video[…]

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‘Derry Girls’ Proves To Be An Instant Hit For Channel 4 | TV News

  Fresh dark comedy Derry Girls aired its pilot episode on Channel 4 to 1.7 million viewers. The show is set during the Troubles in Derry, Northern Ireland, features a teenage girl named Erin and her friends and family.   It only took a few minutes of broadcast before viewers were claiming it was ‘the show of the year’.  […]

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Iconic London Gallery Set To Reopen After Two Year Refurbishment | Arts

  The Hayward Gallery on the South Bank, London is set to reopen its doors on January 25 after a £35 million refurbishment campaign named “Let the Light In”. The focus of the refurbishment project is to bring light in the upper galleries for the first time by restoring its unique sixty-eight glass pyramids on the roof, which never really[…]

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