Awolnation – Handyman | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Awolnation – Handyman | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Awolnation – Handyman | Music Video


Today, Awolnation drops the fourth single from their upcoming album Here Come The Runts. “I’m a sinner,” confesses the frontman Aaron Bruno several times in this beautiful new track “Handyman”.


Filmed in California’s stunning nature, the visuals for the song feature two great actors, Monte Markham and Alex Essoe, who help to tell a love story through moments from the past and the present.


It’s the third video from the forthcoming release, following the positively inspirational one for “Passion”, directed by the same Ravi Dhar, who worked on “Handyman”, and starring a disabled skater Og De Souza, as well as the western movie inspired one for “Seven Sticks of Dynamite”.


The track itself feels more of a ballad compared to the previous album’s singles “Passion”, “Seven Sticks of Dynamite” and “Miracle Man”. The band still maintains their talent for melodic pop-rock and infectious choruses. While we’re waiting for the album and the headlining tour (both happening next month), let’s watch and listen to their latest offering:




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