Bankroll Mafia Shares Trailer For ‘Mafia History’ | Music News

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Bankroll Mafia Shares Trailer For ‘Mafia History’ | Music News

Bankroll Mafia


After releasing a music video to their brand-new track, “Out My Face”, Bankroll Mafia have announced their debut album, Mafia History, alongside an album trailer.


T.I. narrates over The Godfather theme and it’s all very cheesy, but effective. T.I. explains “For generations there’s been a divide between the stand-up guys with mob ties and the other side.” While also taking shots at people who aren’t actually ‘about that life’.


Bankroll Mafia is a supergroup, formed of T.I., Young Thug, Shad Da God and London Jae (whose involvement is a question mark). Mafia History is out this Friday, check out the trailer here.




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