BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ Loses A Third Of Its Audience | TV News

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BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ Loses A Third Of Its Audience | TV News

Top Gear


When it rains, it pours and for poor Top Gear they forgot to pack an umbrella. The beleaguered car show suffered more than a massive drop in its viewings figures for the second episode of the new series – losing a third of its initial audience to plummet to a decade low audience figures. In total the second episode drew in 2.8 million viewers, losing more than a third of the 4.3 million – later raised to circa 5 million with the Iplayer and repeat viewings added – of the initial audience.


To put these figures into context, they come beneath the 3.1 million audience that watched Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond’s first broadcast, which may be a sign that as the trio had to work hard to build up the regularly high ratings they later revelled in, such a job may be what the new Top Gear presenters have to do too.



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