Big Narstie – BDL Skank | Music Video – Conversations About Her

Big Narstie – BDL Skank | Music Video

Conversations About Her

Big Narstie – BDL Skank | Music Video



Grime emcee, Big Narstie, hit the charts with his cameo on Craig David’s “When The Bassline Drops”, but now he has his own video to contend with in “BDL Skank”. This comes with the announcement of his album, set for release early 2017, said to feature Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz.


“BDL Skank” starts bass heavy with tropical percussion, before getting a tad electronic. It is a lively performance from Narstie, a personality as big as his frame. The lyrics seem to comprise the rapper urging the nation to start, with him, a new dance craze, the title of the track, and general claims fitting his braggadocios nature.


The video takes place in a club, everyone seeming to get hot and heavy. Smoke billows in the air, seemingly with no need to be surreptitious. The crowd seem to be joining in the new dance craze, and you even see him bust out a Street Fighter hadouken. The colours are bright throughout, one of a few elements to keep the viewer interested.




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