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Blur Announce ‘New World Towers’ Documentary | Music News

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Blur Announce ‘New World Towers’ Documentary | Music News



Blur have announced they are due to release a documentary called New World Towers, which will be about the band’s activity over the last few years, featuring live footage, interviews with the band and more. It will be due for release in UK theaters on December 2.


The press release for the movie gives an insight of what to expect:


“The film charts the iconic British band’s sprawling journey over the last few years – from an unexpected break in Hong Kong which sowed the seeds for their first album as a four piece in 16 years, to a glorious home coming show in London and, finally, an emotional reunion with their Hong Kong audience.


New World Towers cuts between scenes from the band’s impassioned performance at this summer’s Hyde Park show in front of 60,000 fans and the stirring concert in Hong Kong, but also offers a raw, candid glimpse into the interior life of the band as well, with personal documentary footage and band interviews showing just how an opportune recording session unexpectedly gave birth to a new album, while also raising questions about the future of Blur. New World Towers reveals fascinating insights into the group dynamic and especially the relationship between singer Damon Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon. Ultimately, their enduring friendship prevailed – allowing Coxon to bring [The Magic Whip] to completion nearly 18 months later.”


You can watch the trailer below.




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