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Bombay Harambee – Interval | New Music

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Bombay Harambee – Interval | New Music



Bombay Harambee are a four piece from Arkansas, USA who have just released their new single “Interval” which you can listen to below. The band said that “Interval” declares that “Now it’s time to stupefy and wonder.” The sound seeps up from the fertile eighties and early nineties”.


The band also gave us some information about their upcoming LP Goldmine which is due for release on February 19. The album will be available on digital and CD formats but they have said their ideal format is Vinyl. “We love how vinyl compels a certain process upon the listener. Ideally, this record should be heard at high volume in a room filled with people. The first pressing of the vinyl release contains additional gatefold artwork by cartoonist Gustav Carlson (Backwood Goat, Tourist Unknown). On the sleeve is a treasure map designed by frontman Alexander Jones, and inside is the limited edition goldenrod vinyl”.


They finished by saying “Goldmine tells a story. It may evade dot-connection on the first listen. The album depicts subjects most of us would rather avoid in polite company. We’d prefer to tack them all to the wall. Thanks for taking the time to dig deeper”.


You can find a link to their Facebook here.




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