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‘Bright Lights’ The Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds Documentary | Film News



“We fell in love with these women as we got deeper and deeper in their story, and we realized that we were making a love story”.


Alexis Bloom and Fisher Stevens’ documentary, Bright Lights, on legendary actresses Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, premiered this Saturday in the US on HBO.


The project started out when Fisher mentioned to Bloom and Steven how impressed she was that her mother was still performing at 82 and that somebody should film her.


Bloom and Stevens started working on the project in April 2014 and what started out to be a more traditional documentary, featuring footage of people discussing Fisher and Reynolds, gradually transformed in a closer look at the very unique relationship the two shared.


Fisher already began discussing her relationship with her mother in her book turned film, Postcards From The Edge, first published in 1987.


From Reynolds’ Vegas nightclub act to Fisher’s Star Wars lap dance session, we are taken from personal footage of Fisher and Reynolds to interviews in which both actresses honestly share details about their complex relationship, their battles with depression, failed marriages and tabloid scandals but, more importantly, on their incredible bond.


Bright Lights, which will premiere in the UK on Tuesday, January 10 at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, seems like the perfect way to pay tribute to both extraordinary women.



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