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Buddy + Khalid – Trippin’ | New Music

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Buddy + Khalid – Trippin’ | New Music


Rapper Buddy and singer Khalid join forces on their hot new single “Trippin’“. The Compton rapper is ready to release his new album Harlan & Alondra on July 20 and he has decided to treat us in advance.


“Trippin'” is a hyped and energetic song layered by some nice R&B flavour in the chorus, provided by Khalid who serves his purpose dutifully. Buddy takes centre stage, both lyrically and musically. He gives the track the main narrative arc, as well as its signature pace.


Singing about drugs, joints and winking at the west coast’s crazy party scene (“I ain’t been this high since coachella“) the rapper seems to be drawing from his own personal experience.


There is something legendary about Buddy recounting the prize you have to pay of making it big and trying to live up to that hype. As he moves effortlessly to his own flow, it all comes down to the lines “When I die bet I get my halo/Cause I aim high, never aim low“, a sad statement about the pressure surrounding our generation.


The song, then, join the ranks of the usual “I’m tripping/I’m flippin” nod to the California scene, but profits from Khalid’s cameo on the chorus, that is always spot on and a joy to hear, and Buddy’s remarkable talent.


Listen to it here:




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