Bullet For My Valentine To Release ‘Live From Kingston’ EP | Music News

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Bullet For My Valentine To Release ‘Live From Kingston’ EP | Music News



Bullet For My Valentine have announced that they will be releasing Live From Kingston EP on October 16 via GooglePlay. The songs on the album will feature concert versions of Bullet classics and will also be available in the US on the deluxe version of their latest album Venom (see below for full listing), which is also available on October 16 via GooglePlay.


Speaking about their latest album Venom, frontman Matt Tuck said (it was the) “strongest thing we’ve ever done by a mile. It actually turned out exactly how we wanted it to. It took a while to get there just because we had such a clear vision this time around in how we wanted it to sound and how we wanted it to feel, more importantly. We wanted people to connect with it and people to feel something again, whether it was angry, upset or whatever“.


Pre order Live From Kingston here and watch Bullet For My Valentine’s “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)” below.



Venom deluxe version track list:


01. V
02. No Way Out
03. Army of Noise
04. Worthless
05. You Want A Battle? (Here’s a War)
06. Broken
07. Venom
08. The Harder The Heart (The Harder It Breaks)
09. Skin
10. Hell Or High Water
11. Pariah
12. Your Betrayal (Live From Kingston)
13. Army Of Noise (Live From Kingston)
14. The Last Fight (Live From Kingston)
15. Tears Don’t Fall (Live From Kingston)
16. Waking The Demon (Live From Kingston)
17. Worthless (Live From Kingston)



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