Bungee Cords Could Be The New Sleek Ponytail | Fashion News

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Bungee Cords Could Be The New Sleek Ponytail | Fashion News


Sleek ponytails have been the go-to chic style for decades. The 90s trend that never died. In light of New York Fashion Week, there have been new trends cropping up all over the place, the Puma X Fenty show saw an introduction to platforms flip flops. A glamorous take on a casual shoe. After transforming our perception on beach wear, Rihanna’s now changing the way in which we style our hair after bringing attention to a style not widely known: Bungee Cords.




We wanted to make sense of them, like the motocross, the surf or even the bungee cords from rock climbing or even surfing. They don’t really make sense when you say it out loud, but we had to find ways to use them as inspiration“. The look entails weaving bungee cords throughout ponytail. The hair is sectioned into two parts, one on top of each other, then secured by neon cords.


Rihanna wore the look on the night of her show, wearing brightly coloured cords to hold her loose fitted bun together on top of her head.





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