CallMeTheKidd Releases ‘The Becoming’ EP | Music News

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CallMeTheKidd Releases ‘The Becoming’ EP | Music News



Today, North London based producer, rapper/artist, CallMeTheKidd, has released his debut EP, entitled The Becoming. The EP gives listeners an insight to the fact that CallMeTheKidd is a leader, he doesn’t care about the latest trends and isn’t judging you on the choices you make, instead he endeavours to do things differently.


The Becoming has four funk-infused soul-rap tracks that deliver an eccentric sound denoting CallMeTheKidd’s new school kid with an old school vibe. As an emerging artist he aspires to secure his place and cement his name as one of this year’s breakout artists, and with this EP debut he’s off to a good start.


Listen to The Becoming below and let us know what you think.




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