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Conversations About Her

Artemisia Gentileschi Self Portrait Lands At The National Gallery | Culture

  It will be the first female portrait and the first self portrait to join The National Gallery‘s 17th Italian collection. It’s also a big deal because there are not so many works of female artists and Artemisia Gentileschi was a pioneer in her time.   Florence, mid 1600, is the Italian capital of Baroque art style and the young[…]

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Jose Saramago’s Long Lost Final Book Discovered | Culture

  It was back in February when the manuscript was found and only today that there has been the announcement. Pilar del Rio, president of the José Saramago Foundation (and his widow) together with Manuel Alberto Valente, the director of Porto have made it official that the last words by José Saramago will be published soon.   October 6 is[…]

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Gillian Anderson And Lily James To Star In ‘All About Eve’ West End Adaptation | Culture

  A stage adaptation of the famous movie drama All About Eve, that in 1950 earned 14 Academy Award Nominations, has been in the works, with actresses Gillian Anderson and Lily James set to star.   The West End production will begin in February 2019 at the Noel Coward Theatre in London, and it will be staged by theatrical director[…]

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New Michael Jackson Exhibition At The National Portrait Gallery | Culture

  The National Portrait Gallery has decided to pay a tribute this summer to the King of Pop, the legendary Michael Jackson since he would have turned 60 on August 29 of this year. For this reason, the museum hosts a unique exhibition dedicated to his influential personality.   ‘On The Wall‘ is suggested to be a different and intriguing[…]

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World’s Second Largest National Park Under Threat From Climate Change | Culture

  Reports from this week’s UNESCO summit has revealed that Canada’s largest National Park, Wood Buffalo, is under threat due to climate change and oil and gas hydroelectric projects that have been in development in the area.   Wood Buffalo, that bears its name from the rich population of buffalos and cranes that inhabits its land, is at risk of[…]

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