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Conversations About Her

World’s Second Largest National Park Under Threat From Climate Change | Culture

  Reports from this week’s UNESCO summit has revealed that Canada’s largest National Park, Wood Buffalo, is under threat due to climate change and oil and gas hydroelectric projects that have been in development in the area.   Wood Buffalo, that bears its name from the rich population of buffalos and cranes that inhabits its land, is at risk of[…]

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New Frida Kahlo Exhibition Opening At The V&A | Culture

  The Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the most popular museums in London, has welcomed a brand new and temporary exhibition this month called “Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up”. The exhibition has already been crowded each and every day, considered to be a great success and an incredible destination for art and fashion lovers.   Frida Kahlo is[…]

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Summer Solstice At Stonehenge | Culture

  Thousands of people gathered yesterday evening at Stonehenge to live the dawn of the longest day of the year in such a magic and mysterious place.   Probably the most famous Neolithic monument in history, the origins and the function of this structure are still mystique, partially unknown and better uncertain, but there are many different theories that have[…]

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Nina Simone’s House Recognized As A National Treasure | Culture

  The National Trust For Historic Preservation has announced that Nina Simone‘s childhood house, in Tyron, North Carolina, will be recognized as a “national treasure”. The move comes in line with the National Trust’s intention of preserving history and the places where it lived.   Nina Simone, who died in 2003 in a small town in Provence, France, has long[…]

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New Christo Sculpture Erected In Hyde Park | Culture

  He may sound unknown to many, but for an Italian like myself, he definitely is not. Two years after the realization of the famous yellow walking path on water titled The Floating Piers, on Lake Iseo in the North of Italy, the Bulgarian artist Christo has moved to London to create another stunning work of art.   The first[…]

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