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Conversations About Her

Jimmy Carr Compensates Audience For Late Appearance | Comedy

  Comedian Jimmy Carr had a show booked in Blackburn at King Georges Hall this past Friday, but inconveniently his train had broken down, which had caused a two hour delay. Jimmy Carr posted a few tweets apologising to the audience, and vaguely suggested in one of them, that a drink was on him. It’s said that Carr paid £4,000[…]

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Artist Duncan Campbell Wins 2014 Turner Prize | Arts

  Duncan Campbell’s winning artwork was a 54-minute essay film that relates to IRA martyrdom and the Marxist theory. Campbell’s educational art piece was inspired by Alain Resnais’ and Chris Maker’s work done in 1953 called Statues Also Die. It’s a piece that is aimed to discover and lament the colonial commercialization of African art.   He points out the[…]

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Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Radio 1 Reporter | Comedy

  BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills convinced Jennifer Aniston to go all ‘diva’ on reporter Chris Stark in a recent interview for the British radio station – the interview was supposed to be part of the Horrible Bosses 2 film promotion. The interview seems to be going in a usual manner, until he asks her about dating as a[…]

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‘Educating Rita’ Returns To Liverpool’s Playhouse Theatre – February 6 – March 7, 2015 | Events

  Most of us know of the well-loved and inspirational film Educating Rita, starring Julie Walters, the working class hair dresser who studies literature to better herself, and Michael Caine who plays her teacher. The classic story is returning to its original form as a play, which was written by Willy Russell. Directed by Gemma Bodinetz, it opens at the[…]

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Ask Stewart Lee Anything With The Observer – Tuesday, November 25 | Events

  The Observer opens up the floor to you the fan, the viewer, the curious time waster with nothing else better to fill your plate with, to ask Stewart Lee anything! He’s only currently Britain’s most unfashionable comedian, who loves to feed you marmite, with a politically correct working class tea spoon, whilst dragging you through two hours of hostility.[…]

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