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The Limited Supreme & Fender Stratocaster Collaboration Drops Today | Fashion News

  Supreme finally dropped their new collection including the flawless white Fender Stratocaster guitar. The day before, Supreme shared a video with the legendary DJ Quik trying this new ‘accessory’.   The first ever Supreme co-branded instrument has the label’s bright red logo in the middle. The appearance of the item suggests that it’s only a collectable piece, rather than[…]

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BAPE Releases New BAPEX Watches In Time For Christmas | Fashion News

  BAPE has really been doing a lot recently. The last few weeks have seen them reveal collaborations with the likes of Dragonball Z, Heineken, Grand Turismo so its been rather busy in the BAPE camp. Now to round off 2017 well, BAPE have announced new BAPEX watches to hit the market, just in time for Christmas.   BAPE are[…]

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Adam Katz Sinding Shoots Street Styles On Dubai’s Sole DXB 2017 | Fashion News

  Sole DXB is a regional lifestyle event/platform for urban trendsetters across the world for: footwear, fashion, culture art and design. In the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Dubai’s Sole DXB, Adam Katz Sinding and other fashion photographers were of course there to catch the best styles that were being worn at this event.   At this huge event[…]

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Balenciaga Unveils 3 New Supermarket Shopping Bags For $1000 | Fashion News

  It’s not the first time that Balenciaga is dropping some expensive shopping bags, but this time they’re inspired by regular disposable plastic ones. However, it only looks like plastic, the material is actually 100% lambskin with a black cotton canvas lining.   The new drop features three different designs: the red one with ‘Europe’ front print, the yellow/white one[…]

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