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‘Alien: Covenant’ – Gruesome But Formulaic | Film Review

  2012’s Prometheus was derided for many reasons, but one of the earliest complaints was that we were promised a pure Alien prequel, but were in fact given the beginning of an Alien origin story destined to run for multiple films.   Now that Alien: Covenant has arrived, it’s clear that as these films actually get closer to Alien, inherently[…]

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‘Raw’ – Gripping And Gruesome But Not Horror! | Film Review

  When Raw first premiered at Cannes last May, reporters took pleasure in reporting news about people vomiting and fainting amongst the audience. The Nuart Theater in Los Angeles even handed out “custom-made” barf bags to attendees at screenings. The emotionally gripping film has finally made it to the UK and it is deliciously gruesome!   Julia Ducournau‘s directorial debut[…]

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‘Beauty And The Beast’: A Delightful Musical For The Whole Family | Film Review

  In recent years Disney has been adapting their classic animated properties into live action films to great success: Cinderella and The Jungle Book being commercial and critical successes. Yet adapting Beauty And The Beast is arguably the biggest risk – making a live-action of the first animated film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film.  […]

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‘Personal Shopper’: Kristen Stewart Best Performance To Date | Film Review

  The loss of a loved one is more than an occasional theme at the movies. In fact, most drama deal with some kind of loss but never quite in the way Olivier Assayas has attempted to do so in Personal Shopper.   Personal Shopper is Olivier Assayas‘s second major feature following Clouds Of Sils Maria, reuniting him with Kristen[…]

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‘Logan’ – Thank You For Your Service Mr. Jackman | Film Review

  Hugh Jackman has been a terrific servant for the X-Men movies – appearing in nine of the ten films in the series and played the role of Wolverine for 17 years. He now has his swan song with Logan, a loose adaptation of the Old Man Logan storyline and it is a no holds barred, daring entry in the[…]

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