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‘No Escape’ The Best Action Thriller Since ‘Taken’ | Film Review

  Owen Wilson does not jump off the page as the go to guy when it comes to starring in an action thriller, well he may soon be that guy! Wilson plays a man who moves his family to South East Asia to work for an American owned company, while struggling with the heat, internet connection and the local culture he is[…]

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What You See Is What You Get With ‘Kill Your Friends’ | Film Review

  Like its title, Kill Your Friends doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Although that feels like a harsh statement for a film that made me laugh out loud and provided genuine enjoyment, it’s actually fair and true. The opening scene introduces the film with the sound of deep nasal inhalation then the ‘I’ in ‘Friends’ disappears like a line[…]

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‘Crimson Peak’ Is A Magnificently Dark And Bloody Gothic Horror | Film Review

  Guillermo del Toro’s intensely dark Gothic horror is a fairytale for adults steeped in blood, mystery and passion. Young, aspiring writer Edith Cushing’s (Mia Wasikowska) life is permanently altered when she falls for the dashing English aristocrat, Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston). He soon whisks her away from her New York home to his Gothic mansion deep in the English[…]

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You Go Girls! ‘Suffragette’ Doesn’t Sugar-Coat | Film Reviews

  I went into this film feeling slightly wary. Historical blockbusters frustrate me somewhat because they are usually so inaccurate, either romanticising facts to give more impact to the unaware audience, or even changing real people to combine two characters. Meanwhile there is always a dollop of historical fact on an eagerly fed spoon. I want to see something that’s[…]

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‘Trumbo’ – Desperately Seeking Attention But Not Earning It | Film Review

  From a speedy glance, Trumbo appears to tick all the criteria of an Oscar-bait Best Picture contender. You only need to look at the winners of the last five years (The Artist, Argo and Birdman) to spot the trend that Hollywood moguls love a film that’s all about Hollywood. Throw in a stellar cast that includes Bryan Cranston, Helen[…]

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