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‘Fathers And Daughters’ – Russell Crowe Delivers Fantastic Performance | Film Review

  Fathers And Daughters is a 2015 drama starring Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul as the main characters. It is centered on the special relationship between Jake Davis (Crowe) who is a Pulitzer-winning writer, and his daughter, Katie (Seyfried). Jake is a widower, he has to battle mental breakdowns and does everything for his beloved Katie. Russell Crowe reconfirms[…]

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‘Ronaldo’ – Will The Real Ronaldo Please Stand Up | Film Review

  I cant really say I enjoyed this film, it feels a little too polished to make Ronaldo look like a machine with a heart of gold, the truth, I imagine is, far from what we see in this documentary. He brags about being the best footballer in the world, my natural instinct is to disagree with him based on[…]

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‘Steve Jobs’: An Honest Portrait Of A Controversial Figure | Film Review

  Steve Jobs is either a messianic genius or an arrogant tyrant depending on whom you ask. I can’t exactly hate the guy considering he’s partly responsible for the device I’m currently typing this review on, but even if he wasn’t a nice guy I find it’s always best to separate a man from his work; if we judged all[…]

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If You’ve Ever Thought About Climbing ‘Everest’ Think Again | Film Review

  I think everyone has a bucket list, some people tick the challenges off as the years go by, and most people, like myself have a mental unplanned diary that says one day I will jump out of that plane, attempt five minutes of stand up and maybe climb Everest. Well after seeing this film I am left in no[…]

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Jason Bateman Delivers On Another Fantastic Screenplay In ‘The Gift’ | Film Review

  It’s amazing when you look back at Jason Bateman‘s career, he started off as the man who failed to follow up the success of Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf Too, he then seemed to just churn out film’s with him always playing the nice but irritating boyfriend or that sneaky dishonest friend. Well, Mr Bateman is slowly becoming my[…]

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