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‘Spectre’ – Familiar And Conventional But With Moments Of Class | Film Review

  Bond, James Bond is back. Three years on from the tremendous critical and commercial success of Skyfall, Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes team up again. Slight worries started to materialise with the release of Sam Smith’s forgettable theme song, but it was always going to be a daunting task to follow the most successful British film ever made.[…]

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‘Snowpiercer’ – A Visually Thrilling Ride | Film Review

  Korean director Bong Joon-Ho‘s first English language film Snowpiercer is still awaiting a UK release date. Harvey Weinstein bought the rights to the film back in 2012 but the promised wide release was stunted by arguments over final cut and running time. The film received critical success on release in South Korea and France and Weinstein eventually relented allowing[…]

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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’ | Film Review

  October had Spectre. December has the behemoth Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And November gets Mockingjay part 2. Each month seems to have been designated a substantial blockbuster to satisfy the public’s appetite for franchise hits – and we are so grateful to the movie Gods for that.   However, fans can expect to see the adventures of martini-guzzling[…]

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‘Lost In The Sun’ – Fantastic Road Movie That Has A Sweet Tale to Tell | Film Review

  Lost in the Sun is the type of film that I love to watch. For one, I did not have a clue what the film was about, big plus side to it, not having any marketing budget, and the story and the characters are unique. Josh Duhamel plays John, a man who lives in his car and seems at[…]

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‘Fathers And Daughters’ – Russell Crowe Delivers Fantastic Performance | Film Review

  Fathers And Daughters is a 2015 drama starring Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul as the main characters. It is centered on the special relationship between Jake Davis (Crowe) who is a Pulitzer-winning writer, and his daughter, Katie (Seyfried). Jake is a widower, he has to battle mental breakdowns and does everything for his beloved Katie. Russell Crowe reconfirms[…]

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