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Jason Bateman Delivers On Another Fantastic Screenplay In ‘The Gift’ | Film Review

  It’s amazing when you look back at Jason Bateman‘s career, he started off as the man who failed to follow up the success of Michael J Fox in Teen Wolf Too, he then seemed to just churn out film’s with him always playing the nice but irritating boyfriend or that sneaky dishonest friend. Well, Mr Bateman is slowly becoming my[…]

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‘InAPPropriate Comedy’ The Only Thing Inappropriate Was The Use Of The Word ‘Comedy’ | Film Review

  I am normally a fan of off the wall comedy, to name a few that have stood out over the years I would have to include The Kentucky Fried Movie and the recent Movie 43. These movies are not masterpieces but they are a shining example of directors and writers being given free reign to do whatever they want, this privilege[…]

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‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’ – James Bond Without Charm | Film Review

  I am sure there are millions of fans out there that will love this rehashed version of the TV show from the sixties, I am afraid I’m not one of them, the film is well made and some of the action scenes are entertaining. Director Guy Ritchie’s biggest problem is the lack of charm delivered from his script and more[…]

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‘No Escape’ The Best Action Thriller Since ‘Taken’ | Film Review

  Owen Wilson does not jump off the page as the go to guy when it comes to starring in an action thriller, well he may soon be that guy! Wilson plays a man who moves his family to South East Asia to work for an American owned company, while struggling with the heat, internet connection and the local culture he is[…]

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What You See Is What You Get With ‘Kill Your Friends’ | Film Review

  Like its title, Kill Your Friends doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Although that feels like a harsh statement for a film that made me laugh out loud and provided genuine enjoyment, it’s actually fair and true. The opening scene introduces the film with the sound of deep nasal inhalation then the ‘I’ in ‘Friends’ disappears like a line[…]

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