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You Go Girls! ‘Suffragette’ Doesn’t Sugar-Coat | Film Reviews

  I went into this film feeling slightly wary. Historical blockbusters frustrate me somewhat because they are usually so inaccurate, either romanticising facts to give more impact to the unaware audience, or even changing real people to combine two characters. Meanwhile there is always a dollop of historical fact on an eagerly fed spoon. I want to see something that’s[…]

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‘Trumbo’ – Desperately Seeking Attention But Not Earning It | Film Review

  From a speedy glance, Trumbo appears to tick all the criteria of an Oscar-bait Best Picture contender. You only need to look at the winners of the last five years (The Artist, Argo and Birdman) to spot the trend that Hollywood moguls love a film that’s all about Hollywood. Throw in a stellar cast that includes Bryan Cranston, Helen[…]

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‘Suffragette’ – Important, Topical And Gifted With A Superb Cast | Film Review

  And so begins the 59th BFI London Film Festival. Kicking off the cinematic festivities is an extremely important film, both in terms of its historical subject matter but also in reflective terms of how British society has been shaped since then. Now more than ever is a time when women’s voices are still demanding to be heard. It was[…]

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‘Macbeth’ – Brutal Adaptation With Style And Substance | Film Review

Justin Kurzel’s ‘Macbeth’ divides opinion, but that is what keeps Shakespeare alive.

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‘Straight Outta Compton’ – An Epic Story Told The Way The Winners Wanted | Film Review

  Straight Outta Compton explodes to life in its opening scenes, set against a backdrop of late 80’s Los Angeles. It begins with Eazy E (played by Jason Mitchell) doing a drug deal, before being forced to make a quick getaway when the house he’s in is busted up by an LAPD battering ram.   We are then introduced to[…]

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