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‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ – Unquestionably Powerful And Tragic | Film Review

  With news of Guillermo del Toro’s production company creating the Fallout 4 trailer, the collapse of Silent Hills, and the subsequent news of a countdown clock appearing on Bethesda Softwork’s website (as of writing this sentence there are nineteen and a half hours left), I think it’s appropriate to talk about del Toro’s 2006 film Pan’s Labyrinth.   Set[…]

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‘The Shining’ (1980) – Mise En Scène Masterpiece But Unintentionally Funny In Parts | Film Review

  To me, this film is not a horror film in the traditional sense, nor do I think Stanley Kubrick intended it to be either. What this film is however, is a masterwork of camera angles and the mise-en-scène. You feel the dread from the start and it never lets up, over the top though, it is.   Jack Torrance[…]

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‘Man Up’ (2015) – Typical, Funny And Remarkably British | Film Review

A heart-warmingly cheesy addition to the ever-unpopular rom-come genre.

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‘The Den’ (2013) – Netflix Horror Pick Of The Week | Film Review

  Things haven’t looked good for the popularity of the horror genre for a while. In a society where we have instant access to the information superhighway, the notion of mystery appears to be a relic of the past. There can be no shock value if there is no mystery, which is why in recent years, many horror directors have[…]

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‘Coraline’ (2009) – Revisiting Henry Selick’s Masterpiece | Film Review

  With news of Disney’s exit and K5’s entrance into the production of Henry Selick’s newest film The Shadow King, I feel the time is right to discuss his previous film Coraline, and yes spellchecker it is spelt Coraline and not Caroline.   Coraline is a stop-motion animated fantasy film about a girl named Coraline (Dakota Fanning) who moves with[…]

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