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‘Edward Scissorhands’ – Still Very Pertinent 25 Years On | Film Review

  This film is, in a way, a scathing attack on suburban “culture”, if it has one, and the supposed value in being normal; to conform to an impossible ideal. It is also a very good movie. Edward Scissorhands is a gothic romantic fantasy about an inventor (Vincent Price) who creates a man called Edward (Johnny Depp) but dies before[…]

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‘Ghost In The Shell’ – 20 Years On | Film Review

  I would like to say just one thing before I start: you should see this movie if you haven’t already. I have a deep and profound respect for this piece of film, so the following may sound more like a love letter than a review. So let us begin.   “People love machines in 2029 A.D”. This film is[…]

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‘Tank Girl’ (1995) – Offering Something New, Even 20 Years Later | Film Review

  Good and bad movies do not exist. That is a bold statement to make but I believe it to be true, or as true as my subjective mind can see it. What makes a movie “good” depends on the movie itself and the viewer viewing it. Watching is not as passive an activity as we perceive it to be,[…]

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‘House Of The Devil’ (2009) – Netflix Horror Pick Of The Week | Film Review

  If you’re reading this then its safe to assume you have some vague interest in horror films. If you’re also a Netflix user, you’ve probably encountered major difficulties in finding a horror film that’s actually, well, sort of okay. I have scoured the chasm that is Netflix on behalf of horror fans everywhere to find the horror gems that[…]

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‘Pitch Perfect 2’ – Just The Right Amount Of Girl Power And Hilarity | Film Review

  The Barden Bellas returned to the big screen with a sequel featuring even more hilarious jokes and fantastic a capella performances. Pitch Perfect 2 saw the a capella ladies competing in the World Championships in Kopenhagen to restore their dignity after a mishap involving ‘Fat Amy’ played by Rebel Wilson revealed a bit too much during a performance. Viewers[…]

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