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Watch First Trailer For ‘Sisters’ Starring Amy Poehler And Tina Fey | Film Trailer

  Comedy duo Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have not worked together for a movie since Baby Mama in 2008. So their new onscreen adventure Sisters (announced last summer) is incredibly exciting news, and now we have a full length trailer to prepare us for what looks like a hilarious journey into the comedy minds of our favorite leading funny[…]

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20th Century Fox Unveils Final Trailer For ‘Fantastic Four’ | Film Trailer

  Yesterday, Warner Bros. treated us to the first Suicide Squad trailer and not to be outdone, 20th Century Fox has released the final Fantastic Four trailer. The film stars Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B . Jordan, and Jamie Bell, as the fantastic foursome. The interesting casting has had fans in a tailspin, but so far the cast doesn’t[…]

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Warner Bros. Finally Releases Trailer For ‘Suicide Squad’ | Film Trailer

  It’s finally here. The eagerly anticipated trailer for DC’s supervillain masquerade Suicide Squad has been released online as of last night, following its’unveiling at the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel at the weekend. As previously reported, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn swings like an acrobat in her asylum cage, Will Smith dons his Deadshot suit, Cara Delevigne’s Enchantress bathes in oil,[…]

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Watch Trailer For The ‘Bad Education’ Movie Starring Jack Whitehall | Film Trailer

  The trailer for the upcoming Bad Education film has been released. The film sees teacher Alfie Wickers, played by Jack Whitehall, take his pupils on one last school trip to Cornwall, where they end up causing all sorts of mischief and chaos. Oh and we finally get to see the infamous Atticus Hoy, the friend that Alfie always mentions[…]

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20th Century Fox Previews ‘Victor Frankenstein’ At Comic-Con | Film News

  During 20th Century Fox’s panel at this years Comic-Con, the studio previewed its upcoming fresh take on the horror classic character, aptly named Victor Frankenstein. Directed by Paul McGuigan, who brought us Sherlock, and written by Max Landis, the film surrounds the relationship between Mr Frankenstein (played by James McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (played by Daniel Radcliffe).  […]

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