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‘Let’s Be Cops’ Lands In UK Cinemas On August 27 | Film Trailer

  Oh, another buddy-cop movie? Yes another buddy-cop movie, but this time there is a twist – the ‘cops’ are not real cops! Let’s Be Cops is a comedy about Ryan and Justin, two thirty-something friends who decide to dress up as police officers for a costume party. But when they manage to convince everybody that they are really the[…]

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Watch The New Trailer For Horror Flick ‘The Babadook’ | Film Trailer

  Horror film fans will have heard of the upcoming movie The Babadook. Well, the latest trailer looks terrifying. The storyline follows widowed mother Amelia and her son Samuel. With Samuel spiralling out of control, Amelia is at her wits’ end. Samuel’s hallucinations begin to connect with Amelia’s fears, and have something to do with a terrifying-looking children’s book. The[…]

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Billy Crudup Rocks Out In ‘Rudderless’ | Film Trailer

  Billy Crudup rocks out in the new official trailer for the drama film Rudderless. He is Sam, a successful advertising executive who loses his son in tragic circumstances. Struggling to cope with his son’s death he turns to alcohol and isolation. He discovers a box which contains his son’s music and song lyrics, and soon begins to find solace[…]

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Watch Trailer For Crime Drama ‘Revenge Of The Green Dragons’ | Film Trailer

  The new official trailer has arrived for the biopic film Revenge of the Green Dragons. Two immigrant brothers called Sonny and Steven struggle to survive the poverty-stricken New York during the 1980s. They join the Chinatown gang called the Green Dragons, and soon climb their way up the different ranks and begin to get attention from the police department.[…]

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Johnny Depp & Gwyneth Paltrow Star In ‘Mortdecai’ | Film Trailer

  Johnny Depp is Charlie Mortdecai in the new official teaser trailer for upcoming Mortdecai. Depp’s character Mortdecai is a mysterious art dealer who is forced to travel across the world to get back a stolen painting. It is rumoured that the painting contains a code which will gain access to a forgotten bank account which contains Nazi gold. He[…]

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