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Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Star In New Trailer For ‘Get Hard’ | Film Trailer

  A new trailer has arrived for Ethan Cohen‘s directorial debut Get Hard, starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. With its prison rape jokes, racial stereotypes and general questionable comedy, the more footage I see from Get Hard, the sillier it gets. While both Ferrell and Hart are naturally funny guys and moments in the trailer will tickle your funny[…]

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Watch Brand New Trailer For ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ | Film Trailer

  The first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer sent comic book fans into a frenzy with its darker, more somber tone with our favourite superheros facing serious peril, and the big bad Ultron coming for them. Well, its about time we got another taste, right? The second trailer for Marvel’s sequel is out and it’s jam packed with James Spader‘s[…]

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Dakota Fanning Stars In New Trailer For ‘Effie Gray’ | Film Trailer

  Written by the marvelous Emma Thompson and directed by Richard Laxton comes a new drama based on the real life story of the mysterious marriage between child bride Effie Gray and art critic John Ruskin. The new film, Effie Gray, stars Dakota Fanning and Greg Wise as the famous duo and intends on showcasing the troubled relationship they shared.[…]

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Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Star In New ‘Sisters’ TV Spot | Film Trailer

  With Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting the Golden Globes last night, it was cleverly planned to have a TV spot air during the broadcast, for their new comedy Sisters. The TV spot is only twenty seconds long but it works as a great introduction to the wacky duo’s next collaboration. Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore takes helm of[…]

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Watch Second Trailer For ‘Chappie’ Starring Hugh Jackman | Film Trailer

  Chappie is a child who thinks and feels. Chappie is influenced by others. Chappie wants to learn. The only difference from other children; Chappie is a robot. Now he has to fight for his right to live. The second official trailer for Hugh Jackman’s new film set to be release on March 6 is here. Neill Blomkamp the man[…]

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