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Salma Hayek Gets Violent In New ‘Everly’ Trailer | Film Trailer

  Up and coming action flick, Everly, has thrown out a new trailer which shows Selma Hayek killing just about everybody she sees with an array of different, mostly massive, guns. Directed by Joe Lynch, Everly takes place entirely in one apartment and tells the story of a woman who must fight for her life when her mob boss ex[…]

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New ‘Dragon Blade’ Trailer Stars Jackie Chan And John Cusack | Film Trailer

  The new trailer for Daniel Lee‘s film is out and the scale looks completely nuts. Dragon Blade stars Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Adrien Brody and tells the story of Roman soldiers who are lost in China. The trailer shows very little of the actual story and have instead opted to shove as many actions scenes with bewildering shots[…]

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New ‘It Follows’ Trailer Looks Deliciously Twisted | Film Trailer

  The new trailer for David Robert Mitchell‘s latest horror film It Follows looks brilliantly intriguing and brings a whole new meaning to a bad one night stand. Starring Maika Monroe (Labor Day) as nineteen year old Jay, whose enjoyment of a summer of carefree fun is quickly ruined when a seemingly innocent sexual encounter turns into a hideous nightmare,[…]

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Vinny Chase Gets Big Screen Treatment in New Trailer For ‘Entourage’ Movie | Film Trailer

  Warner Bros has released the first trailer for the new Entourage movie starring our favorite boys from Queens! Directed by Doug Ellin, this is the first feature film from the original HBO mega-hit television series. In the film, Vincent Chase (Adrien Grenier) is back with his boys in Hollywood, under the watchful eye of agent turned studio head Ari[…]

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New UK Trailer For Johnny Depp Comedy Caper ‘Mortdecai’ | Film Trailer

  There’s a new trailer for Johnny Depp‘s latest comedy caper Mortdecai and it’s looking to be a star studded affair. Directed by David Koepp, who directed The Secret Window with Depp in 2004, Mortdecai tells the story of rouge Charlie Mortdecai, an art dealer who is enlisted by MI5 to recover a stolen painting that is rumored to posses[…]

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