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Writer-Director Stephen Chbosky To Helm Disney’s ‘Prince Charming’ | Film News

  Stephen Chbosky has taken one of the more interesting avenues to Hollywood. He is the celebrated author of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and in a surprising move, was hired to not only adapt his own work for the screen, but direct it as well. That movie worked out well, and now he’s moving onto even bigger things.[…]

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James Franco Eyes ‘X-Men’ Universe’s ‘Multiple Man’ | Film News

  James Franco is on the move for something big, with a possible contender in X-Men standalone spinoff Multiple Man. The project is being produced by the vastly experienced X-Men producer Simon Kinberg, with Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg penning.   Franco would play lead Jamie Madrox in the spinoff. Also known as Multiple Man, the character has the mutant[…]

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Taraji P. Henson To Star In Updated Version Of ‘What Women Want’ | Film News

  We get plenty of reboots/remakes nowadays, usually of big genre films of the past looking to be reignited for a new audience. But here’s one of the stranger ones: an updated version of What Women Want. Now to be fair, the film was a huge hit back in 2000 when it starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, but Paramount[…]

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Steven Soderbergh’s iPhone-Shot Horror Movie Gets 2018 Release Date | Film News

  Director Steven Soderbergh has made a career out of dipping between genres and making big studio films and small independent ones, but his latest film is set to be the smallest of the lot. The ultra-mysterious horror film that was reportedly shot on an iPhone in a little over a week is titled Unsane, and Soderbergh has kept practically[…]

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Craig Roberts The Latest Addition To ‘Tolkien’ Biopic | Film News

  Craig Roberts, the lad who never ages despite attempts to mask his youth with a goatee, is the next star to join the ranks of Fox Searchlight’s Tolkien biopic. He joins an impressively growing list of actors that include Lily Collins and Nicholas Hoult in the lead roles.   Roberts is most known for his breakout role in Richard[…]

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