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Chris Pine & Chris Hemsworth Exit ‘Star Trek 4’ Talks Over Budget Disputes | Film News

  The contemporary Star Trek franchise has been going through some firsts recently. First, S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) signed on to direct Star Trek 4, making her the first woman to direct a Star Trek film in franchise history. Then, Quentin Tarantino surprisingly expressed some interest in writing/directing a Star Trek film, which, if so, would mark his first foray[…]

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Zac Efron Is Still The Teen Choice Of Your Dreams | Film News

  Having garnered his start in acting during his teenage years as Cameron Bale in Summerland, Zac Efron‘s career reached a new high as he became the young idol associated with the iconic High School Musical franchise.   These already are probably two good reasons out of the many that played a role in the actor grabbing the win at[…]

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Idris Elba Signs On For ‘Ghetto Cowboy’ | Film News

  Idris Elba has set his next film. Having recently signed on for the rather large role as the villain in the Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw, alongside Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the actor has now joined the ensemble cast of Ghetto Cowboy.   Based on the award-winning novel by Greg Neri, the film will follow 15-year-old[…]

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What We Know About ‘The Shining’ Sequel So Far | Film News

  Doctor Sleep is The Shining sequel we are all waiting for! While it is set for release in theatres in 2020, we have some news for you already. Doctor Sleep is going to be produced with an adaptation made by Mike Flanagan who has already directed The Gerald’s Game which is a Stephen King book too.   We also[…]

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Sony Cancels ‘Silver & Black’ In Favour Of ‘Black Cat’ & ‘Silver Sable’ Standalones | Film News

  Last week, it was reported that Sony had pulled upcoming superhero movie Silver & Black from its original release date. After some initial panic from fans, it was confirmed that this move was done so the script could be re-jigged and made into its best possible self. All good, right?   Well, about that. Silver & Black is now[…]

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