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Steven Caple Jr. To Direct ‘Creed 2’ Instead Of Sylvester Stallone | Film News

  Things have changed at the helm of the Creed sequel. It was previously reported that Sylvester Stallone was going to step behind the camera himself to direct the film, but instead, Steven Caple Jr. will direct the film, while Stallone will still co-star alongside Michael B. Jordan.   Caple Jr. was reportedly hand picked by both Jordan and Stallone[…]

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Seth Rogen To Play Walter Cronkite In JFK Assassination Project | Film News

  Seth Rogen‘s career, which initially seemed destined to only be front of camera roles in comedies, has emerged into something much more interesting, mixing the comedic and dramatic on both sides of the camera. He’s made another interesting career move, signing on to play legendary CBS newsman Walter Cronkite in the upcoming drama, Newsflash.   The film will reunite[…]

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With Film Adaptation On The Horizon, ‘Ready Player One’ Author Confirms He’s Writing A Sequel | Film News

  With a new trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s adaptation of Ready Player One having dropped, excitement for a brand new blockbuster from the king of the genre has cranked up. In the mix of all that excitement, the author of the novel, Ernest Cline, has confirmed he’s writing a sequel to the book.   The question that instantly comes to[…]

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New Details On Source Material For The Upcoming ‘Venom’ Movie | Film News

  When Sony Pictures took the stage at Comic-Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paolo, Brazil on Saturday, fans were merely expecting an initial trailer for the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie. But to their surprise, what they also got was some juicy details about the upcoming Venom movie.   While no footage was revealed, director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and[…]

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‘The Conjuring’ Writers Tackling New Horror Project For Legendary Producer Joel Silver | Film News

  The Conjuring has morphed from a single successful horror film into a major universe full of sequels and spinoffs.   Naturally, the people involved in those successes have become in demand, and now Chad and Carey Hayes, writers of the first two Conjuring films as well as House Of Wax and The Reaping, are set to work with legendary[…]

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