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Elisabeth Moss To Play Horror Author Shirley Jackson In ‘Shirley’ | Film News

  Elisabeth Moss has signed on to play famed horror author Shirley Jackson in Josephine Decker‘s upcoming adaptation of Susan Scarf Merrell‘s novel, Shirley. The novel tells a fictional story built around the real life author who wrote such classics as The Lottery and The Haunting Of Hill House.   The film will revolve around a young couple that moves[…]

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Adult Eddie & Stanley Have Been Cast For ‘IT: Chapter Two’ | Film News

  The much-anticipated adult version of the Losers Club continues to come together for IT: Chapter Two. Having already added Jessica Chastain as Beverly, James McAvoy as Bill and Bill Hader as Ritchie, two new adult cast members have been added to the film. First, playing Eddie in Andy Muschietti‘s sequel will be James Ransone.   Ransone is well known[…]

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‘Lando’ Spinoff Movie Already In The Works | Film News

  While most of the whole world outside of a few lucky film critics have yet to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm clearly has some confidence in Donald Glover‘s Lando Calrissian. So much so that a Lando spinoff movie is already in the works.   Not only that, but it might arrive sooner than you think. Reports suggest[…]

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‘Zombieland 2’ May Hit Cinemas Next Year With Original Cast | Film News

  2009’s Zombieland was a bit of a sleeper hit, making over $100 million on a budget of just under $25 million, and that kind of profit usually equals a fast-tracked sequel. Well, next year is the tenth anniversary of the film, and a sequel has yet to arrive. But that might be about to change.   Writers of the[…]

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Marvel Brings Screenwriters On Board For ‘Eternals’ Project | Film News

  With the events of Avengers: Infinity War in the rearview mirror, and potentially some last hurrahs for major characters in next year’s Avengers 4, Marvel is already looking towards the future where the MCU will look a lot different. While we don’t yet know for sure who won’t be coming along for the next phase, we’ve got a good[…]

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