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Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Adaptation Searching For New Director | Film News

  So, as you may know from the news this week, Cary Fukunaga reportedly left the film adaptation of IT as it was suggested that he and the company came to disagreements about budgets and locations. With Warner Bros. still pending the film, Bloody Disgusting reported that the Stephen King adaptation was being pushed into production, as they are on[…]

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James Gunn Rules Out Two Iconic Villains For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ | Film News

  With the monumental success of the first film (and soundtrack for that matter), it’s about time we had some news on the upcoming sequel. Well, James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy went to the social internet (yes Twitter) to address rumours about potential villains and foes to battle against Peter Quill (or shall we call him star[…]

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‘Fight Club 2’ Debuts As Comic Book Series | Film News

  I am Jack’s anxiety. With so many of us enjoying the David Fincher classic Fight Club, a sequel finally arrives… and no it’s not a new film (Thank goodness), but writer Chuck Palahniuk (writer of the first novel) is back with a series of comics that will surely make you’re appetite wet after a long overdue follow up to[…]

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Cornelius Walker Debuts Dark And Thrilling Short Film ‘Nobody Else’ | Film News

  23 year-old Essex filmmaker Cornelius Walker has just debuted his highly anticipated short film Nobody Else, which was premiered on BloTV’s Screened Nights earlier in the month. Upon its digital release soon after, Nobody Else has sparked a strong interest from film lovers around the world and recognition from leading film tastemakers, some of which have described Walker as[…]

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Andy Serkis Character In ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Revealed | Film News

  Andy Serkis is well known for his mo-cap roles as Golum and Caesar but now we can get exited for another mo-cap performance because he is now playing Supreme Leader Snoke in long awaited movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. No further details about the role have been announced but rumours are saying he’s playing a character like Darth[…]

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