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‘The Huntsman’ Finds New Director In Cedric Nicholas-Troyan | Film News

  It was only last week that we found out that director Frank Darabont had departed his role within Universal‘s Snow White & The Huntsman sequel/spin-off, The Huntsman. Now it seems somebody has already stepped into the The Walking Dead director’s shoes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, VFX specialist and second unit director Cedric Nicholas-Troyan has taken over as director[…]

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Felicity Jones, Rooney Mara And Tatiana Maslany In Talks For Role In ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off | Film News

  Gareth Edward‘s untitled Star Wars spin-off has acquired some casting news as the Gary Whitta script starts to take form. With production set to get underway this year, its been revealed that Rooney Mara, Tatiana Maslany and Felicity Jones are in the mix for lead roles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three female starlets are on the ‘want-list’,[…]

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Steven Knight Confirms ‘World War Z’ Sequel Will Start With Clean Slate | Film News

  Despite initial negative criticism over rewrites, budget issues and pacing problems within the third act, Marx Foster‘s zombie apocalypse flick World War Z starring Brad Pitt, went on to make $540 million at the worldwide box office and bagged itself a sequel. Adapted from the Max Brooks novel of the same name, there was a lot of source material[…]

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‘Deadpool’ Movie To Start Filming In March In Vancouver | Film News

  How nice is it for Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds to be shooting the new movie in his home town of Vancouver? According to Global News, Reynolds will begin filming the Tim Miller flick in March of this year. After developing the Deadpool standalone movie for years, 20th Century Fox finally gave the green light to go ahead with the[…]

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Seth Rogen Criticizes Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ | Film News

  Actor Seth Rogen isn’t the first celebrity to criticise the hit new film American Sniper, starring actor Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the American sniper in which the movie was based on. Previously the film received complaints from celebs and journalists such as Michael Moore, Lindy West and Michael Atkinson, who were all pointing out the obvious flaw in[…]

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