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Conversations About Her

Julia Stiles Returns To Star In ‘Bourne 5’ With Matt Damon | Film News

  Julia Stiles has signed up to be in the Bourne 5 movie alongside Matt Damon. Stiles will be returning as undercover CIA agent Nicky Parsons who she played in the first three Bourne movies. Damon and Stiles will be teaming up with director Paul Greengrass who worked on The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum sequels.   The new Bourne film has yet to[…]

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Marvel, Sony And Paramount Absent From Comic-Con 2015 | Film News

  It has been reported that three media giants will be skipping this years’ Comic-Con. This is due to the lack of promotional material for the convention, sources say – with Sony and Paramount empty handed and Marvel having already spilled all of their beans at an October fan event. As disappointing as this news is, it leaves the floor[…]

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Classic ‘Star Wars’ Characters To Return In ‘The Force Awakens’ | Film News

  It has been reported that among the new primary cast of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and co, we are to see some other familiar faces besides that of Harrison Ford. Episode VII News has obtained and unveiled exclusive images of three new characters for the next Star Wars adventure – and two of them you may recognize: Admiral Ackbar[…]

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Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor In ‘Batman Vs Superman’ | Film News

  While many have been conversing about the roles of Superman and Batman colliding on screen together, there’s one man in their way that will set out to destroy them both… Lex Luthor. His rage and capability to find Superman’s weakest spot will ultimately see the alliance of Batman and Superman together right?   Since the news that Jesse Eisenberg[…]

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First Look At All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ As Filming Begins | Film News

  Shooting has begun, and the all-female re-boot of Ghostbusters is in full swing. Entertainment Tonight premiered a first look into what is happening at the Boston shoot in last night’s broadcast – and here we are able to get a grip on what we can expect from the controversial picture. From the look of the images we are shown,[…]

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