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Actor Michael Cera Releases Indie/Folk Album ‘true that’ | Film News

  Canadian actor Michael Cera, who has starred in Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Superbad, has now released his own musical album consisting of eighteen tracks. His co-star Jonah Hill recently tweeted that Cera is “not only is a brilliant actor, he also makes great music”, including a link to Cera’s Bandcamp page, where you can purchase his[…]

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Ving Rhames Signs Up For ‘Mission Impossible 5’ | Film News

  Established actor Ving Rhames is returning to the Mission Impossible film franchise, and is set to feature in the fifth film. He is the only person apart from the leading actor Tom Cruise who has appeared in all four of the released films. Rhames plays the role of an agent called Luther Stickell who works with Cruise’s character Ethan[…]

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Sylvester Stallone Training For Fifth ‘Rambo’ Installment | Film News

  Sylvester Stallone recently revealed to Vulture that he is now in training for the upcoming fifth film in the Rambo franchise. Stallone said, “I’m starting to work out. I’m going to be appropriately vicious and all that stuff”, but went on to say that he plans on being a “killer with a heart” for the new feature film. In[…]

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Elijah Wood & Sasha Grey Star In Thriller ‘Open Windows’ | Film Trailer

  The trailer for new movie Open Windows has been released, and it looks nothing short of brilliant. The story follows a man called Nick (played by Elijah Wood), who is the biggest fan of a young actress called Jill (played by Sasha Grey). He wins an internet contest and gets to have dinner with the actress, only to have[…]

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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel In The Works | Film News

  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has been terrifying its audience for a very long time, and another movie is now on the way to scare us all again. The franchise is now set to get a prequel, which will be written by Seth M. Sherwood, and will be entitled Leatherface, after the movies’ terrifying killer. The movie will focus[…]

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